Thursday, 31 July 2014

Things come back...........

My mother (OUR mother, sorry, my sister Barbara and I) passed away last summer, a little over a year ago. For over 4 years prior to this she had been struggling with a particularly cruel form of vascular dementia which slowly robbed her of her memories, her recognition of others and finally of her very self.

She was nevertheless a real woman of faith (if not sometimes a little peculiar) and had been a real pillar in my life for as long as I can recall. During one of the most troubling periods - approx. 4 years ago, she fell and broke her hip, complications ensued and she ended up having barrier nursing in hospital for 6 months with  C Difficile. It was a horrible time , and now thankfully, a receding memory.

Her generation have seen more change I suspect in this world than any other.

Whilst in hospital, the wedding ring she always wore - originally belonging to my grandmother went missing. On top of the trauma of Mum being in such a pitiful state, it seemed like the final straw. Of course we contacted and complained to the hospital but with seemingly no result.

Moving the  story on four years, another elderly relative ( this time from Ireland) was taken ill whilst staying with my sister Barbara and her husband Will and ended up seeking emergency care from Social Services  He was rushed into one of the several care homes Mum had previously been in. As Will went into the home, a member of staff saw him, recognised him and said "I think we have your Mother - in -  laws wedding ring in the safe". 4 years ago, the hospital it seems, had found it after all and simply forwarded it to the last address they had for her - one of the care homes. 4 years on, the ring came home, a lost treasure.

The Bible speaks much of treasure, lost and found. It speaks of people being lost and found, the sure principle is that none of us are truly lost, we are all known to God and never so far away that He cannot hear us.

Take Care

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